Virtual Data Room Software for Life Sciences

A virtual data room is a one-of-a-kind business environment that serves as a data repository and is utilized to exchange various types of information.

Essential Virtual Data Room Features

With the right security clearance, users may organize, update, and distribute business information. To avoid the danger of hacker assaults and the loss of sensitive information, all procedures are carried out in accordance with current cybersecurity technology.

Virtual data rooms are now commonly utilized to assist complicated projects and procedures that require vast volumes of data to be exchanged with third parties outside the firewall.

As a result, VDRs have become a popular way to share financial documents, intellectual property, and information for legal proceedings. In the corresponding area below, you may learn more about the VDR’s scope of applicability.

A virtual room also allows you to keep track of each user’s activities, including which files and folders were open, how much time was spent studying certain papers, and so on.

This data is particularly useful in the context of seller-side M&A and financing, since it allows for the assessment of stakeholder interest.

As a result, today’s cloud VDR resources differ greatly from the physical data room where documents were once kept and shared. VDRs, unlike physical rooms, do not need a large amount of money for upkeep and charges such as stationery, courier services, consumables, and so on.

To learn more about the major characteristics of current VDR rooms and how to test a sample version of the virtual data room.

The major elements of most data room setups are listed below. Depending on the supplier, some of them may differ.


Currently, any electronic data room provides the same level of protection as financial institutions and major banks. VDRs, for example, provide customized information access restrictions based on hierarchy and responsibilities, two-factor authentication, TSL and SSL protocols, information leakage prevention, watermarks, and other factors.

During storage, sharing, and protection, all data is encrypted and secured by numerous firewalls.


VDRs are intended to reduce the possibility of human error. As a result, stakeholders will be able to examine the appropriate files at the appropriate time. Administrators can, for example, adjust settings to prevent printing and downloading of documents, as well as employ dynamic watermarks and determine the document’s validity duration.


Full customization of VDR technology does not need particular knowledge or the involvement of an IT staff. Most VDRs have an easy user interface that isn’t overburdened with control buttons. All of the papers are indexed, numbered, and searchable using advanced search options.

VDRs are used in the following industries

In both for-profit and nonprofit organizations, online data room software is frequently employed. The following are some instances of corporations that have made virtual data rooms mandatory:

The Most Important Options for a VDR Free Trial

Because there are so many data room service providers on the market, it’s important to tread cautiously while making a decision. After reading the reviews and researching the provider’s reputation, the best approach would be to acquire a trial edition of the product. You must assess the following resource selections after running the trial version.


You should check the responsiveness of the customer service using the trial version of the product. During the work process, you will almost certainly have queries about the technical aspects of utilizing the tool or the price policy.

Advantages of a Virtual Data Room

Using a virtual data room has many advantages over its competitors, including a high degree of security, instant data sharing, and a Q&A function. It also makes the documents available on any device, and allows for a single authentication across all projects. A virtual data room will allow all parties to easily collaborate with one another. With these benefits, it is easy to see why a virtual dataroom is becoming an increasingly popular choice among businesses.

In addition to ensuring security and preventing disaster, a virtual data room can help new employees get used to the company’s processes. By using the deal room, a new employee can study the documents before they are even hired, allowing them to feel more comfortable with the work. These benefits are just a small part of the virtual data room’s advantages. It’s the future of work, and a great way to stay connected and efficient.

The most obvious benefit of a virtual data room is cost-savings. By storing all of the documents online, a business can save on the cost of storage space, electricity bills, and other office necessities. Furthermore, the ability to make changes to blueprints or other documents is almost instantaneous. This means that a business can cut costs without sacrificing quality. And there is a lot of flexibility with a virtual data room.

When it comes to cost-efficiency, virtual data rooms are an excellent choice. Compared to traditional meeting facilities, virtual datarooms are significantly more affordable and efficient. Because they allow a larger number of people to communicate instantly, the overall cost of a physical meeting is much less. It’s also cheaper to run a virtual data room, as there’s no need for expensive office furniture or equipment. And this can help companies save on office expenses.

The most obvious of the virtual dataroom’s advantages is its low cost. Since it’s online, employees can work from home or anywhere in the world, and the virtual dataroom is located online, a business can reduce expenses and expand its business. For example, the cost of hiring a full-time employee can be cut by 50%, which can save a business a lot of money. In addition, the virtual environment makes it possible for customers to track their orders throughout the entire process.

The virtual dataroom offers numerous advantages over a physical meeting. It allows participants to communicate with a large group of people without leaving the office. It also allows them to share important information with their team and customers without the need for a physical meeting facility. This is especially helpful for those who need to keep their documents secure and protected. Its cost-savings will increase the business’ bottom line. If you are considering a virtual dataroom, it’s time to find one today.

Advantages of Using a Virtual Dataroom

One of the greatest advantages of using a virtual dataroom is that it allows businesses to save money. Because the documents are stored online, no storage space is necessary and electricity and internet bills are not required. Additionally, the virtual dataroom allows multiple users to access the same files. This can be extremely convenient for businesses, and it can reduce costs without sacrificing quality. Here are some of the other major advantages of using a digital dataroom.

In addition to reducing work time and expenses, virtual datarooms can also facilitate increased productivity. You can organize and coordinate meetings from anywhere in the world without the need to travel. You don’t have to worry about arranging a meeting room and you can keep track of all activities in real time. And because the virtual dataroom is secure, you’ll be able to save money on travel expenses and paperwork. This is a great perk for businesses.

Another great advantage of a virtual dataroom is its low cost. You won’t have to pay for document photocopying or indexing, or travel costs to a physical data room. You’ll also be able to view documents from any computer, and you can track any meeting from one location to the next. This convenience is unmatched by any other method of sharing business documents, and it’s something that every business should consider.

Another benefit of using a virtual dataroom is that you don’t have to worry about meeting space. You can do it from home, from your laptop, even from a plane! This way, you won’t have to worry about travel expenses, or even about arranging meeting rooms. A virtual dataroom will help you to avoid all these problems. This means more time for business and less paperwork. All of these benefits will make your business more efficient.

A virtual dataroom is flexible. You can modify it according to your specific needs. You can share access with other users, which is a big advantage for remote businesses. It will make the entire business process much easier and more convenient. And you’ll be able to conduct more business with fewer employees. And you’ll also save money on travel and paperwork. It’s an excellent option for anyone needing to share confidential information.

A virtual dataroom also helps you keep track of documents. It protects them from disaster and increases security. It also makes it easy for team members to communicate. It reduces the travel costs associated with physical data sharing, while allowing teams to conduct business from anywhere. The virtual room is highly customized, so you can easily customize it to your specifications. With a digital dataroom, you can also upload and manage your documents securely. You’ll never have to worry about transferring sensitive information through the physical mail.

Virtual Dedicated Server – Virtual Dataroom Advantages

Virtual Dedicated Server is a kind of web hosting service that gives you the comfort to use your own dedicated server for running your business online. You will have an entire server dedicated to your needs, and you will not share the same server with other clients. With Virtual Dedicated Server, you get a fully functional online database, an email system, an uptime service, unlimited disk space, a fast internet connectivity and various other related features. If you are planning to establish a website for your online business, then Virtual Dedicated Server is a perfect choice for you.

The benefits that you get with this hosting are mainly of two types. It is either you get a dedicated piece of hardware for your Virtual Dedicated Server or you can also benefit from the Virtual Dedicated Server using applications and softwares. With the dedicated hardware, you get an entire system of your own that will allow you to store, install, configure, and utilize the software and other features that you need for your online business.

Another advantage with this virtual option is that you will be able to create your own DNS server. This will allow you to control the DNS services, and you will be able to manage and administer your own website. This virtual option comes with high quality hardware, which will enable you to have a fast and flawless server system. You can also opt to use a virtual Dedicated Server by connecting to an existing virtualized Dedicated Server or you can buy your own hardware, which will give you more functionality and better protection. This will ensure that you have complete control over your online data and services.

With the Virtual Dedicated Server, you are in a position where you can take full responsibility for your data. This will ensure that your data is safe and secure and will provide you with full control over it. When you are setting up a Virtual Dedicated Server, you can add more sites to the pool. You can invite other small websites as well as medium-sized businesses to participate in this great service. Once you get more clients, you will be able to generate higher revenues and attract new customers.

You can use any applications for online marketing in a better way with the virtualization. This will help you promote your products and services and at the same time, you can share good experiences and testimonials with your present clients. The best thing about the virtual dataroom advantages is that you will be able to maximize the performance of your servers while they are being utilized. This will help you save lots of money that would have been spent on purchasing more hardware. You can also use the virtual tools and applications such as the us, IIS, and other virtualization technologies. This will enable you to achieve better system administration and maintenance.

Another advantage with a virtual dataroom plan is that you will be able to gain maximum visibility over all your clients, no matter where they are located. With most web hosting plans, you cannot have full control over the servers that are providing you with your web pages and data. The virtual environment will allow you to have full control of the data by utilizing the internet. Therefore, your virtual server can be located at a different location and you can still be able to view your client’s data from any location in the world.

With the use of the virtual environment, you will also be able to save money since you will no longer need to purchase extra hardware for the purpose of hosting your website. By creating a virtual data room environment, you can create multiple websites that will act as your clients. Each of your clients will be able to access their data through a secure tunnel that has been installed on your virtual machine. Thus, you will be able to provide your clients with the best service at the lowest prices.

In addition, you can have better security. Since you will be utilizing the internet to provide secure access to your virtual server, you will also be able to protect your personal information from hackers. These are just some of the many advantages that you will experience when you choose to use a virtual dataroom. No matter if you want to host an online poker site or a financial institution website, you will always benefit from the conveniences that a virtual dataroom can provide.

Virtual Dataroom Advantages and Cost-efficiencies

Businesses all over the world are recognizing the advantages of virtual Dataloom services. These are some of the most popular features used by large corporations and small start-ups alike. Online Dataloom has several benefits, which make them a preferred choice for many businesses. However, there are some things that business owners need to know about before they sign up for a Dataloom account. There are different ways to go about securing a reputable service provider for your online Dataloom requirements.

A Virtual Dataloom is an excellent way to cut expenses and expand online business ventures. An Online Dataloom helps in minimizing human errors which usually happen during traditional business administration. The ability to instantly access data from any place in the world helps you to take corrective measures for the business as well.

With online data room services, you are able to provide your staff with more time to execute their duties. You no longer have to worry about filing cabinets getting messy because you cannot be right there with them. Instead, they can access the information needed through a remote access program. This feature also allows you to maximize productivity with limited physical office space. You are able to save a lot of money, which is why more companies are getting online data rooms.

In addition, a Virtual Dataloom enables business owners to provide their employees with a way to work from home or from wherever they are. With a good online data room, your staff will always be available, which means that your customers will never complain about the long wait times that they encounter in ordinary business transactions. Since the online data room is located online, you do not have to spend a great deal of money on offline equipment and office furniture. Thus, you can save on office equipment and space expenses.

Another advantage of the online Dataloo is that it can help you save a lot of money on business expenses. For instance, you will not need to purchase fax machines, printer cartridges, or copies of important documents for all of your staff. All documents are stored online and can be printed whenever they are needed. You also do not need to purchase paper and ink for each document that you print out. Additionally, online Dataloos can help you cut costs on advertising campaigns that you might need to use in the future. Since online file storage sites can easily accommodate hundreds of thousands of files, you will never run out of ideas for promotional ads.

One of the most important Virtual Dataloo advantages is its ability to improve productivity. Since the online data room is a collaborative one, your team members are able to work remotely while you still manage the daily business operations. This will enable you to focus on the most important aspects of your business while your employees are free to pursue their endeavors at home. Your employees will also enjoy greater job flexibility because they no longer have to wear dress codes and carry their work equipment with them to the office.

A virtual data room also allows you to save a great deal of money. Since all documents are stored online, you will not need to pay for storage space. Aside from this, you do not even have to pay for internet service fees, electricity bills, and other office necessities. Thus, you will be able to save more money without having to compromise on the quality of your work.

A virtual data room can be used for various purposes. You can keep important documents like business proposals and contracts as well as vital employee records in order to ensure the continuity of work in case of an emergency. The online data room also has the ability to hold multiple copies of files so that it will be easier to retrieve a file if needed. In addition, you will not have to worry about poor computer performance or even a power outage since the online data room is always available.

The following are the top 7 benefits of setting up an online Dataroom

Datarooms give the opportunity to improve productivity, cut costs and track time spent on job-related activities.

Efficient Business Management

Managing your business records online is easier than ever. You can view records from anywhere, at any time. All you need is a laptop or computer with an Internet connection. An Online Dataloom also helps in reducing human errors that often occur while conducting business. The ability to access information from anywhere in the world makes it possible to take preventive measures for your company.

Increased Productivity

With an online dataroom, employees can access and manage a lot more information than they could when working in an offline office. They can get details of sales figures, sales reports, expenses, and inventory easily and quickly. They can work on projects from anywhere and see real-time updates and progress. This means better client relationships, more satisfied customers, and a boost in company morale. There is no reason to spend extra time in a cubicle or commuting just to reach the office building’s main entrance. With virtual dataroom solutions, you can give your employees more time to do what they enjoy.

Increased Efficiency in Decision Making

The information you need to make crucial business decisions can be found easily. When you log into an online Dataloom account, all your business files are stored in one place. Accessing these vital data files is easy and convenient. You can use a password to gain access to these files. No more hunting for a specific document or hard copy to make a decision.

Workplace Communication

With an online data room, you are closer than ever to your team. You can get instant answers to staff questions, respond to emails, tweets, and faxes in minutes. You can also hold group meetings, provide training or simply update everyone about what is happening with the company. There is no need to waste time and money sending physical letters or emails. Keep everything in one place so you can take quick and efficient action.

Save Money

Even though the price of online dataroom services may seem steep, they actually save money over time. There is no more printing or postage for long distances. You don’t have to buy extra equipment to get your office online. The virtual data room services provide everything your business needs to be on the web.

More Time for Yourself

Working from home has its benefits, but it is time-consuming and tiring. An online dataroom lets you spend more quality time with your family, friends, or simply doing hobbies that interest you. You can work when it fits into your schedule. This gives you the opportunity to spend time doing what you enjoy.

The advantages of an online data room far outweigh any of the disadvantages. If you are considering all of the ways that an online dataroom service can benefit your business, then consider it. There is no reason not to use virtual data rooms. They offer a number of benefits and few drawbacks.

As more businesses are looking to save money, they are making big changes to their business plans. One of the major things that they are looking at is the cost of operating a traditional phone line. Many businesses don’t want to invest the money to rent or purchase a phone line and maintain it. This may be okay for small businesses, but if your business requires several phones, this may not be possible. However, your online business doesn’t require one.

By using virtual data rooms, you can cut your expenses and increase productivity without spending money. You don’t have to pay for a phone line. Your online office doesn’t have to supply a phone line. You won’t have to worry about maintenance or upgrades.

An online dataroom allows you to save money by not having to provide employees with traditional office equipment. You also eliminate many of the hassles of maintaining a physical office. If you need to expand your business in the future, consider using an online data room.

Virtual Dataroom Advantages

There are many virtual dataroom advantages over traditional business meetings and presentations. Meeting facilities that have a physical presence are more efficient, cheaper, and provide an instant solution to communication with large numbers of people. But of course, there are also disadvantages to traditional meeting venues.


With physical meeting facilities, the disadvantage is that you have to leave your office or building in order to attend a meeting. You will still be at your work place or office while you are meeting with a customer, investor, or employee. Most importantly, physically meeting with someone is costly.


For many people, meeting in person is too impersonal and can be too distracting to the meeting or presentation. Meeting in a closed room can cause a distraction that will prevent people from concentrating on the discussion. In addition, meeting in a separate room can be very uncomfortable for some people. It is hard to leave a meeting feeling like you are trapped in your own room.


Meeting in a room is also more expensive than meeting in the same room as someone.

Depending on the size of the meeting, it may cost several hundred dollars per hour to use a room that has only one table for everyone to sit at. This can be cheaper than a virtual data room with several tables and lots of chairs. A virtual data room will allow you to meet in a completely different room where all the necessary meeting equipment and facilities are available to you.


With the virtual data room, you will also benefit from board meeting software. Board meeting software is software designed to take meetings and conferences and turn them into virtual ones, meaning that you can attend a meeting from anywhere in the world. The software helps you to keep track of meetings, to plan events, and to create work processes. Board meeting software can also help you manage any issues that might arise during the meeting.


The virtual board meeting software also allows you to develop a virtual dataroom. Using the board meeting software, you can take multiple meetings and have them all appear within a virtual dataroom. Thus, it becomes possible to hold meetings from various locations simultaneously, and you can manage meetings and conferences using the board meeting software.


The virtual data room also helps you to keep all your materials in one place. Instead of having separate file cabinets, you can simply upload documents to your virtual dataroom. If you have various files that need to be viewed at different locations, you can organize those files into a virtual dataroom.


Board meeting software can also help you create customize meeting procedures.

If you want to have a different structure to your board meetings, you can set up the board meeting software to do that for you. You can create documents that have a different format or different formatting and you can use the board meeting software to automatically convert documents into formats that match your virtual dataroom.


Of course, there are other advantages to using a virtual dataroom. It is easy to use and you can get familiar with the software very quickly. In addition, if you have multiple people who will be using the board meeting software, then the virtual data room can become your meeting hub.


Another advantage of a virtual data room is that you can take meetings or conferences anywhere in the world. This eliminates the travel expenses associated with traditional meetings.


When you are able to meet in a virtual dataroom, you are able to plan your meetings and conferences much more accurately. There is no longer any need to be concerned about arranging a place for everyone to meet. You are also able to keep track of all the meetings and conferences that you are involved in.


You can also effectively manage your meetings and conferences by using the board meeting software. so that you can monitor any discrepancies and problems quickly. The software is easy to use and you can easily set up and adjust the board meeting software to work for your needs.


Virtual Datacenter Upgrade

Your online business is only as successful as your datacenter, so make sure you’re getting the best bang for your datacenter buck with an affordable datacenter upgrade. The right virtual datacenter setup can enhance your network with cutting edge networking hardware and integrated application software.


Network Server – Network servers are all the equipment that makes up a network. There are three main types of network servers that you need to look for in a datacenter upgrade: firewalls, routers, and private LAN switches. All of these are important to the proper functioning of your network and if you don’t have all three types of equipment then it’s time to upgrade.


Operating System – A computer’s operating system will determine how well a computer can perform various tasks.


Software Applications – More businesses are using more software applications. These software applications can run on any server, but it’s more efficient to use them on a datacenter. Using software applications over programs like Java, is one way to make sure your servers are always running at their most efficient level.


Security – With the growing number of threats to our networks, it’s essential that your datacenter be secure. You need a top of the line firewall system to protect your data and ensure that no unwanted users are allowed to enter the datacenter. Hardware firewalls can also help with security, but they require installation and frequent updates.


Physical Server – If you’re planning on moving your business to a datacenter, then a physical server is your only option. Physical servers require many connections to the Internet to function properly, which means that they should be located in an area with good connectivity. If you plan on moving your business to a new location within a year, then this type of server might be the best bet for you.


Distributed File System (DFS) – One of the reasons that physical servers work so well is because they have a centralized storage system that includes a way to manage and transfer files between your physical servers. A DFS gives your server’s an added storage capacity without being housed in one central location. However, a DFS isn’t practical if you’re going to move your business to a datacenter.


High Availability – Virtual servers are designed with the storage capacity to allow for failure recovery if a server fails.

However, if the server doesn’t fail then it doesn’t fail. With a physical server you won’t have the same ability to take care of issues.


Virtual Server – A virtual server is a server that works just like any other server, except that it’s managed remotely from an office somewhere. It works by having a set of servers that act like a virtual server cluster. It’s ideal for businesses that have a large amount of traffic and a lot of information to process.


Virtual servers work well when your users can access the data room they need and do complicated tasks that require special knowledge. For example, a virtual server is ideal for accounting and e-commerce websites that require many employees to perform complex tasks, such as generating statistics and reports. This is also a good idea for websites that need to process large amounts of information or operate online 24 hours per day.


Dedicated server – If you have a large amount of content to process on a regular basis then it’s a good idea to install a dedicated server. This will enable you to reduce your downtime to a minimum and reduce the costs of operating your business. The benefits of running a dedicated server are similar to that of a virtual server, such as increased reliability and reduced downtime.


There are some disadvantages to a physical server and a virtual server, so make sure that you weigh your options before purchasing a physical server or virtual server. Make sure that you choose a place that offers you the same capabilities that a physical server offers at a cheaper price. and you’ll be able to focus on growing your business instead of worrying about whether your server is up and running.


Virtual data room advantages as a call to action.

This article views virtual data room advantages as a call to action. Issues raised and proposed solutions are a proposal for discussion. The discussion on big data should also take into account the positive focus of government activities in this area. The first approaches to this were presented in the article. A particular problem in this context, of course, will be the issue of localization of data storage locations and server farms.

In this context, social and ethical issues are of paramount importance. Only the right approach from these perspectives can provide a foundation of trust that enables state-level Big Data analytics. Regarding the problems of regulating the current and future practice of working with big data, immediate action is needed in two key areas: when decisions are made on the basis of data, it is necessary to find a model of how these decisions can be placed under democratic control. Similarly, we need to discuss how to handle those algorithms that can be described as gatekeepers of our digital perception.

Why need data room. We live in a data space, and these algorithms are glasses through which we look at this space. We should be able to choose our own glasses. And we must be able to film them in order to see the public space that we share with everyone else in our society. All this is currently not the case and most likely will not take place in the near future.

Therefore, we urgently need a debate involving all stakeholders and all relevant stakeholders. These include, among other things, civil society, politics, science, as well as those involved in the collection and processing of data, regulators and various government structures. At the same time, with any creative thinking about the possible future of a state with big data, we must be careful not to have some kind of “compromise approach” when promises of the effectiveness of new technologies overshadow basic social contexts rather than social issues. only their symptoms are eliminated.

We need not only computing power, but also people who can handle this. Big data analysis is often based on probabilistic methods and serves to reduce uncertainty. However, in the words, the value and nobility of politics lies precisely in the ability to make decisions in the dark. The answer to the question of the dangers of abuse in a scenario in which a “bad” government comes into the presence of a national treasury lies in a constant focus on democratic values.

Despite all possible technical precautions (partial and limited access to important data, documentation requirements, etc.), the best protection against abuse will be found in a society with functioning democratic institutions. Not data, but its analysis is a panacea for politics. But a functioning society is a necessary foundation for the fruitful and safe use and design of the digital age!

Although a perfectly functioning society will always be an unattainable ideal, it is still good practice to go in this direction or swim. The EU Commission’s life manifesto has the motto to understand how to overestimate traditional ideas on the spot and develop new methods and forms of interaction: Build a raft while it floats. If we take this picture you want, then our world is now awash with big data. The raft will consist of the rules that unite our society. It will be a matter of deciding when to share the buoyancy of the data, and when to close the racks to avoid getting your feet wet. You are invited to join us!

Although the European Data Protection Act prohibits decisions based solely on automated data analysis that have legal or other significant consequences for a person (unless the person agrees with such decisions under a contract or has no other legal basis). However, there are forms of profiling that do not require personal data that make these laws applicable. For example, a specific behavior when used on a web page or a specific browser parameter may already trigger the output of content with an algorithmic effect without collecting data that is subject to data protection laws.

This section addresses the issue of m & a and data analysis.

So far, the main problem of m & a has been how the state can shape the “data room life” in such a way as to protect its citizens, while the real benefits of big data are mainly created by private and public research and the economy. However, we also need a positive, active vision of the state, especially in the form of federal and state ministries, as well as state administration as executive bodies, in order to fully utilize the social potential of big data analysis. In addition, in the public sector, the most appropriate options are meaningful and ethically desirable big data processing.

This section discusses how big data analytics can be used in the public interest and by government agencies. It is imperative that the analysis of big data on social, demographic, sociological and other demographic data does not lead to a nightmare of observation among the population. The concept of the use of big data by the state should strictly comply with democratic and constitutional control and, if necessary, provide for the strengthening of security mechanisms and measures against abuse. The information that the state can obtain through the analysis of big data has a very high potential for power. That it is used in the interest of the common good has the highest priority.

Making deals online. Why is a timely and comprehensive discussion of ethical issues a convincing measure on the way to more efficient use of big data in the state. Ethics Council experts will discuss ways to preserve European values ​​while realizing the benefits of digitization. The ethical dimension of the relationship between human rights, technology, markets and business models is at the forefront, as are the rights to privacy and data protection in the digital age. Using data storage and streamlining data flows between different authorities and between different departments within the agency will not be less profitable than for company offices.

On the institutional basis thus prepared, the recently created Federal Big Data Commission can begin its work. and identify areas of responsibility in which big data analytics can be meaningfully used based on the responsibilities of all government departments and other government agencies.

The work of such a commission should not be primarily aimed at public administration, but, of course, should cover this area. It is hoped that the work of such a commission is of great interest to the media, creating a public sphere that facilitates the active involvement of citizens in discourse.

Thus, large-scale collection of vehicle data is currently being carried out by vehicle manufacturers. It remains to consider where the state should provide access to private sector data, if necessary to fulfill its sovereign tasks in the digital age. Discussing the use of private sector data in the public interest would pose many challenges, from data protection to ownership.

However, the discussion of this issue across national borders is also important. A publicly controlled or publicly accessible European data pool, combining data from government agencies and some relevant data from the private sector, which can be used by the state under well-defined conditions, promises at least an attractive thought experiment.

In this regard, additional questions arise: do we need a new license for publicly available data? How can the relevant data be classified? How to prevent inappropriate government intervention in the markets? How do large amounts of data accumulate for search? Who will develop standards and transnational metadata for this? The current development, in which cities and communities become customers of technology companies to create smart city infrastructure, should not be without alternative. The concept of democratic legitimacy requires the governing body to protect individuals from economic and other dependencies on other private individuals.

If in order to fulfill this protective function in the 21st century, access to the information resources of the population or the population is necessary, then at least this issue should be discussed.